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Our 10 Favorite Home Bars on Houzz

Houzz is one of the best places on the internet to get home project and design ideas. You can search by a whole host of options, including color, material type, style, and budget. For anyone looking for some home bar design inspiration, here are 10 of our favorites found on Houzz:

Minnetrista Basement

DIY Home Bars

We love the gorgeous, dark wood used on this bar, which the designer says is knotty alder. The deep, rich finish of the bar contrasts with the light-colored carpeting and quartzite flooring to make this bar feel cozy without being cramped.

Get this look: Bar front fluted column & BR 475 bar rail

Trophy Room

Home Bars

The high ceilings, bar front inlays, the custom map inlay on the ceiling – What’s not to love about this home bar? And the compass inlay in the wood floor adds an extra-special custom touch to this room. Check out all the other photos on this project to see how the whole room came together.

Get this look: Hardwood bar top slab in curly red oak

Texas-Style Mediterranean

DIY Home Bar Parts

This is such a fantastic use of a small space to carve out a unique home feature. Collecting all your wine corks in a beautiful vase is a great way to keep memories of the fun and good times you’ve had at your home bar.

Get this look: Bar front trim kit

Mr. Shrinivas Residence

DIY Home Bar Parts

This modern, minimalist home bar would fit in with a mid-century modern home just as well as an ultra-sleek contemporary design. We love the lighted columns on either side of the bar top to add a warm, inviting glow.

Get this look: BR 158 bar rail

Basement Remodel

DIY Home Bar Parts

What goes better when your favorite drink but a tasty snack? Our favorite part of this home bar is the glass-front snack drawers, so you always know what you have in stock. There’s also plenty of cabinet space behind the bar to store everything you need for entertaining.

Get this look: Inside edge trim

Montana Family Compound

DIY Home Bar Parts

The unique, natural slab shape of this bar top gives this home bar the feel of an old British pub. And we can’t get over how amazing the flagstones on the walls look in this small space.

Get this look: Natural edge bar top slab

Minnesota Residence

DIY Home Bar Parts

The paint colors and sleek lines on this home bar give a contemporary feel to a traditional bar design. The unique wall sconces and custom bar stools really put this one over the top!

Get this look: Bar foot rail kit

Log Cabin Awesome

DIY Home Bar Parts

This large home bar would have plenty of room for all your friends! We especially love all the display shelves for showing off your favorite glasses and knick knacks.

Get this look: Bar top kit

Elegant English Country Home

DIY Home Bar Parts

This bar really gives the feel of having a true Irish pub in the basement. The carved leprechauns inlaid in the back wall are a truly unique touch that we can’t resist.

Get this look: Edge trim molding

Lakeview Renovation

DIY Home Bar parts

The high ceilings and natural lighting make the dark wood of this bar feel warm and inviting instead of overwhelming. Check out all the other photos of this project to see some amazing extra features!

Get this look: BR 550 bar rail

Looking To Build Your Own Bar?

Check out our Bar Building Resources for all the information, soup to nuts, and our full range of bar top slabs, bar rails, bar front parts, and bar top parts to complete your dream bar!

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