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BR 158 Bar Rail

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BR 158 Bar Rail

Smaller profile for when you’re short on space!

If you’re short on space for your custom bar – or you just want something that’s not going to take up a lot of space – the BR158 offers a gorgeous finish with a smaller front profile. Rather than extending out, it extends down to give you a great finish for small home bars, drink rails, or bar seating along a wall.

The BR158 is milled from a single piece of hardwood and comes in poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and white oak. The bar rail is 1 ⅝” wide x 2 ½” high and available in 6’ and 8’ lengths. The single notched-out profile fits easily on any bar top.

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22 reviews for BR 158 Bar Rail

  1. Josh Newman

    Great service, great product, higly recommend. I’m a woodwooker by trade and it’s nice knowing there are other professionals out there providing a service in a tinely manner with a superior product. This is how it should be done.

  2. Kyle Smith

    Absolutely amazing . Love the look. And attention to detail. 100000% recommend

  3. Ed Averill

    Fantastic service, fast shipping and a great product! Highly recommend!!!


  4. Ryan

    Excellent quality. Incredibly quick shipping. Highly recommended.

  5. Dan Graf

    Excellent products. Excellent company. Products are packaged very well and shipped quickly ?

  6. Michael McBride

    Ordered 2 pieces for the bar I am building. They arrived sooner than expected and were in perfect condition. Beautiful pieces of wood!

  7. Mike

    Great experience all around. Product was exactly as advertised and arrived quickly. High quality rail that completely transformed the look of our bar.

  8. Mike Rooney

    Shipping was really fast and the packaging kept the rails in perfect condition. Excellent quality materials so I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional finish for your bar!

  9. Jim Hutchison

    Ordered 2 – 8 foot maple lengths and they arrived fast and in perfect condition. Cut to length and mitred end cuts. Screwed through bar top from below, stained and applied 4 coats of clear/glossy polycrylic. Finished bar rail adds a fantastic touch to my basement bar and is getting great compliments. I am completely satisfied with the bar rail, rated as 5 stars + and urge anyone looking for that super finished look to absolutely order from Hardwoods Inc. They are the real deal!

  10. Phillip Souders

    Your product is exceptional, where my skills are not. It made the results very gratifying. I highly recommend Hardwoods Inc. for your bar project!

  11. John Houck

    I order two lengths of this bar rail. Both arrived in perfect condition and cut to proper lengths. Shipping was very fast, especially given the holiday season rush. I won’t hesitate to order more material from Hardwoods!!

  12. Matt Williams

    I ordered 24′ of this bar rail and every piece I received was high quality maple dimensioned uniformly and exactly to the advertised specifications. No blemishes or defects were included on any of the pieces. Shipping was extremely fast and customer service was very receptive to my questions. I am very happy with this company and product and would definitely recommend them to others.

  13. Troy McMahan

    Great product. Has a very nice look. Shipping was lightning fast.

  14. Cruger

    The rail and corners arrived far sooner than I expected so I haven’t installed it yet, but they arrived in perfect condition and are exactly what I wanted for my bar.

  15. Gunes Akseki

    Hi all,
    I have been using BR158 bar rail and I am truly happy with the ergonomic design Also with the customers comments about being happy.
    I think it makes the bar more friendly.
    Your service by I mean flawless quality good service from the order to perfect shipping in good packaging.
    My best to you all,
    Gunes Akseki

  16. Dave

    Precisely what was needed. I searched local hardware and lumber stores for a week and came up dry; nobody would even order pieces like this in for us. Hardwoods Incorporated to the rescue!


    Flawless quality, very stable wood.

  18. Brian

    Awsome quality, excellent phone support that’s I can say….best in the business.

  19. Thomas DeMaria

    Excellent customer service and quick delivery!!!Thanks!!!

  20. Sean Davis

    Very high quality product! I actually used it to frame a 1 1/2″ thick custom art piece and it worked perfectly. Stained very well and made the piece stand out!

  21. Jason Kuntz

    The bar rail was of an exceptional quality. The suggested lengths to be ordered was complimented by my trim carpenter! Can’t wait to do another basement bar ! Highly-highly recommend.

  22. Jeff Miller

    Bar rail was high quality, perfectly manufactured and an excellent compliment to my home bar top. It provides that finished bar look in a smaller and more simple package than the traditional bar rail. Highly recommend!!

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