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Home bar top by Hardwoods Incorporated.

We recently completed a custom home bar bar top for a local client using solid poplar hardwood. The project involved several offsets and notches to fit around a column and on top of irregular shaped cabinets. Pictured is the layout, measurement and design stage of the bar top project.


Next we have the rough cut out and glue up stage where we over size the bar top blank for cutting later.



Here we show the bar top blank cut to the size and shape and installed over the plywood sub top. Notice that the sub top extends past the main bar top (1-9/16″) on the long front and short edges where the Chicago bar rail will be installed.


Pictured below is the finished bar top trimmed with our BR475 Chicago bar rail molding. The top is sanded and ready for delivery to the client who will stain and top coat the bar top to match their cabinets.


If you are interested in having a custom bar top built, or if you are a “Do-it-yourselfer” looking for quality bar rails, bar top kits or bar front parts, contact the team at Hardwoods Incorporated.

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

6 Great Reasons to Choose Hardwoods Incorporated for Your Next Project

Custom Home Hardwood Bar

When building your custom bar for your home or business, we know you’ve got a lot of choices.

Size, style, materials, decor. … It can seem as if your options are never-ending before you even get started on your project.

When you choose Hardwoods Incorporated, you get exceptional quality, a wide range of options to find the look you want, and our unparalleled commitment to customer support.

Here are a few (of many!) reasons to choose Hardwoods, Incorporated for your next bar-building project:

Bar Rails & Bar Parts Are All We Do

Because we’re completely committed to providing our customers with the best-quality bar rails and bar parts in the business, we’ve chosen to focus solely on doing just that. We put everything we have into our bar rails and bar parts – All our skills, our innovation, and our efforts. This helps us provide you with the high-quality products you deserve.

Multiple Size, Style, & Species Options

All of our bar rails and bar parts come ready-to-ship in any of our eight main wood types. And our bar rails – all seven styles! – are available in varying lengths so you get exactly what you want.

Don’t see what you want in our ready-to-ship species or sizes? We can custom-make any of our bar rails and bar parts from any type of wood you’d like, even exotic hardwoods. Just ask!

We Make What We Sell

You won’t find mass-manufactured bar rails or pieces shipped from overseas pre-milled at Hardwoods, Incorporated. We get in truckloads of raw lumber and hand-select each piece before creating our high-quality bar rails, bar top kits, and other bar parts.

Then, we send that hand-selected wood through our specialized machinery right in our shop. After each piece comes out, we check it over to ensure that it’s of the quality we expect and that you deserve. We’re not a reseller; we only sell what we make ourselves.

Complete Bar-Building Options

Whether you’re looking to build out a bar top in one species of wood or need to fully outfit your bar front, we’ve got everything you need to make that happen!

Select your favorites from our bar top kits, glass rail, drip edge, and bar rail moldings to get that cohesive bar top you’ve always wanted for a professional look. Everything is specially designed to fit together easily so you won’t need see gaps or flaws you might find when choosing piecemeal from other vendors. And top it all off with high-quality fluted columns, bar front trim kits, and bar front planks cut to length.

Prompt & Careful Shipping

We know you’re excited to get started on that bar-building project, so we make sure to ship your items as quickly as we can while still handling your product carefully. Each piece is wrapped thoroughly in plastic, then rolled in cardboard and placed inside a specially designed shipping box. This helps your items arrive undamaged and ready for installation.

And if your items do arrive damaged? Give us a call and we’ll help you out!

Expert Advice for Your Project

From the beginning planning stage to choosing the right parts, from cutting the pieces to finishing your final product, the team at Hardwoods Incorporated is here to help you get the most out of your bar-building experience.

We offer a full library of bar-building resources to answer almost any question you may have. And if you can’t find the answer to your question there, give us a call and one of our experienced team members can help you. We’ve built bars ourselves, so we can help you troubleshoot your project for the best results.

Everything You Need for Building a Home Bar – Under One Roof!

Here at Hardwoods Incorporated, we’re pleased you’ve chosen us to help you get the bar of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a great place to entertain your friends, want to renovate your commercial bar, or just want a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee, we’ve got everything you need to make your bar-building dreams come true! Check out our online shop today!

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

Get Great Deals on Unique Products in Our Closeouts & Specials Section!

hardwoods nov2

Looking for a great deal for yourself or that bar-building enthusiast in your life this holiday season? Check out our Closeouts & Specials page for the latest unique and discounted items from Hardwoods Incorporated!

All these items are made in our shop right here in Maryland, but they have some natural inclusions that prevent us from listing them in regular inventory. You get the same great, high-quality product you’ve come to expect from Hardwoods Incorporated with a little extra character and at a lower price.

Most items are available for free shipping, so take advantage of these great deals before someone else does!

BR-475 White Oak Bar Rail Molding Lot


This gorgeous rustic grouping of bar rail molding is perfect for commercial carpenters or those large-scale projects. With some knots and surface cracks, it’s sure to give your project a unique character you won’t find anywhere else.

There are 18 97” pieces and 11 6’ to 7’ pieces. Free shipping is not available on this item.

BR-475 Oak Bar Rail Molding


Natural color variations in this gorgeous pairing are great for the smaller project that needs an individual touch. Get two pieces – one 93” and one 48” – for one great price!

BR-475 Walnut Bar Rail Molding


Some minor natural defects and knotting on these pieces give it a stunning quality that’s perfect for any custom project. Get two pieces – 93” and 76” – to complete your bar!

High-Quality Bar Rail Moldings, Bar Top Kits, & More!

At Hardwoods Incorporated, bar rail moldings and bar pieces is all we do. We’re committed to providing you the best possible pieces for your unique project so you’re sure to have a finished product that’s the talk of the neighborhood.

Need help finding the pieces that are right for your project, or aren’t quite sure how to install that radius corner? Check out our full resource library or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it!

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

Chicago Bar Rail Molding Specials with Free Shipping.

Have you checked out the deals on our closeouts and specials page recently? At Hardwoods Incorporated we’ve been busy changing and growing our product line and in the process have developed limited batches of select bar rail molding being offered at a discount with free shipping on most items. These bar rail moldings are in good condition and may contain small knots, mineral stain or other natural inclusions. Whether you are building a small home bar or large commercial bar you will likely find a deal on the bar rails you need with no compromises. To place and order or if you have any questions regarding our closeouts and specials give us a call 1-800-BAR-RAIL.


We have made it our mission to help our customers get the results they want when building a bar. That’s why, in addition to providing high-quality hardwood bar rails, bar tops, and other bar building supplies, we provide a collection of helpful bar-building resources. And, if you can’t find the answer to your question there, just reach out and one of our bar-building experts will help!

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

7 Ways to Use Your Bar If You’re Not a Drinker

Home Basement Bar - 7 Ways to Use Your Bar If You’re Not a Drinker

When you think of a home bar, your mind automatically imagines a section of the house lined with various liquors and beers. While that’s what many people use that space for, the home bar can also be so much more.

Fortunately, there are countless ways to utilize a home bar that don’t include pouring a single drop of alcohol. Here are some of our favorite ways for non-drinkers to use a home bar:

Unique TV Setup

With a countertop for food and drinks and an entire back wall to stare at, home bars can also make for a perfect TV-watching spot. Installing a nice, big flatscreen on the wall of your bar allows you and your company to watch anything – from big games to blockbuster movies – from the casual comfort of your bar stools.

You don’t have to stop there! Use the space around your TV to store DVDs or Blurays, or even plug in your video game consoles along the back wall to create a larger-than-life gaming experience! Snacks and drinks can also be stashed away in cabinets or a fridge, guaranteeing a distraction-free night of entertainment.

Expansive Display Case

If you use your imagination, the back wall of a home bar can be used in countless ways! For example, let’s start with the obvious: it’s a great place to store your glasses and drinkware. If you have handsome glasses, crystal, or china, you can decorate the area around the bar to make it look more classy and modern.

Of course, drinkware is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can display on the back of a home bar wall! Do you have any particularly special sports memorabilia you’d like to display? Or maybe a few choice movie posters? Maybe you have an expansive collection of some sort, like bobbleheads or shot glasses? Proudly show off anything and everything you want!

Electric Fireplace Insert Display

Not every home is blessed with a built-in fireplace, but an electric fireplace insert can still create a very cozy atmosphere! Installation isn’t always cheap, but the end result can instantly transform an empty home bar into a bright, warm, relaxing leisure space.

If you want to really capture a rustic ambiance, wood paneling along the walls and some warm flannel blankets will definitely help set the scene. Use the extra shelf space to house a coffee maker or some hot cocoa mix, store a few warm slippers behind the bar, and settle in safe from the cold.

Personal Aquarium

A lot of home bars have a nautical theme to them, which can make for a really atmospheric and fun place to entertain guests. Deck your bar out in anything from traditional rustic sailing designs to loud and expressive luau decorations.

With all of that free back wall space, you could even go the extra mile and install a large fish tank for your guests to gather around and admire. Large aquariums, of course, are a commitment, but they’re also unparalleled centerpieces and conversation starters that can really compliment a seafaring-themed home!

At-Home Ice Cream Parlor

Even if you stay away from alcohol, you can still use your bar as a bar. Instead of serving up martinis and Bloody Marys, though, consider using that space to serve up something arguably just as delicious!

Use the back wall and shelving space to store your spoons and various-sized dishes, and use any extra space to keep a variety of cones, toppings, candies, and syrups. Of course, you’re going to want a decent-sized freezer to house all of the different flavors for your family and guests.

If mixing drinks can be considered an artform, shouldn’t the same be said for mixing different ice cream sundaes?

Wrap-Around Dinner Table

Think for a moment why people hang out by bars? Why do people have them in their homes? Why do some bars have regulars? What is it about that kind of space that draws people in so often?

Honestly, it’s the sense of community. People like to sit down, have a drink (alcoholic or not), and talk to each other. That kind of camaraderie is universal and gathering around a bar counter in your own home is perfect evidence of that.

If you really think about it, home bars are an excellent place to sit down and have a delicious dinner with your family. Many home bars wrap around, allowing everyone to be able to see one another while talking and eating. Use the back wall space to put in a small TV to watch, or invest in a jukebox and allow each family member to choose a tune. Either way, a home bar provides a unique sense of togetherness that every member of your family will appreciate.

Classy Coffee Bar

Just because you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t use your bar to serve up some tasty beverages. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, having your own setup at home can curb those cravings for some expensive takeout coffee.

Keep your French press, pour-over brewer, or espresso machine always at hand, along with your selection of syrups and mugs. If you enjoy lattes or cappuccinos, install a mini fridge to hold your milk of choice for easy frothing. An at-home coffee bar makes a great addition to those holiday mornings gathered around with family!

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Unique Home Bar

Feeling inspired yet? Itching for a fun place to entertain your family, friends, and yourself? At Hardwoods Inc., we craft exceptional hardwood bar rails, bar top kits, and other bar parts to turn your extra space into the hangout of your dreams. Check out our online store!

Introducing the Newest Way to Personalize Your Bar: Bar Front Trim Planks

White Bar Front Trim Planks

New from Hardwoods Inc. is a different way to customize your home or commercial bar: Bar front trim planks.

These planks can be installed vertically or horizontally on your bar front to give your project a Craftsman-like look and elegance. Add depth to your bar front in any length or configuration you want.

Install our bar front trim planks on their own, or with our bar front fluted columns for some extra flair. These simple trim planks even can be cut to different widths to vary the look. You’re only limited by your imagination!

These ¾” thick, 6” wide, 8’ long trim planks come in poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, or walnut to match the rest of your bar. Check out all the offerings in our online store, or contact us today for help selecting the look that’s right for you!

Custom Made Bar Tops by Hardwoods Inc

At Hardwoods Incorporated, we make custom bar tops and bar top kits for both home and commercial bars. Whether you are looking for a traditional wood bar top with bar rail molding or a natural edge slab bar top, we can help – all we need is a rough sketch with dimensions and your input.

We provide an itemized list of materials, labor, shipping costs, and time frame for your project so you can decide to either DIY the bar top or have us make it for you. Either way, we make the process simple by providing all you need to make your bar top from our one-stop bar building shop.

Lacewood Bar Top with BR475 bar rail molding and radius cornersCorner shot - Lacewood Bar Top with BR475 bar rail molding and radius corners

Pictured is a solid Lacewood bar top featuring our BR475 Bar rail molding and matching radius corners, custom made for a client in Alexandria Virginia.

solid red oak bar top trimmed with our BR475-S Chicago bar rail moldingCorner shot - solid red oak bar top trimmed with our BR475-S Chicago bar rail molding

Pictured here is a solid red oak bar top trimmed with our BR475-S Chicago bar rail molding and matching radius corner custom fabricated for a customer in New York City.

solid Sapele mahogany slab trimmed with our maple BR475 Bar rail molding1solid Sapele mahogany slab trimmed with our maple BR475 Bar rail molding

Pictured is a solid Sapele mahogany slab trimmed with our maple BR475 Bar rail molding to complete this custom home bar top for our client in Chicago Illinois.

Imported African Bubinga natural edge bar top

Pictured above is natural edge bar top made from a 3” thick slab of imported African Bubinga for a client in Miami, Florida.

Building the bar yourself? This is where we come in by providing everything needed to make your bar top and finish your bar front.

Pictured below are tongue and grooved main bar top kits that ship knock down and ready to assemble on your plywood sub top. Next we have our Chicago bar rail moldings and matching radius corners, carefully selected to compliment your bar top. All of our bar top parts come with full installation instructions, templates and finishing suggestions.

tongue and grooved main bar top kitstongue and grooved main bar top kits bar rails

When following our bar building resource guidelines, all you’ll need to do is cut your parts to length, sand, finish and enjoy your new bar top.

bar front fluted columns diagrambar front fluted columns diagram - Bar front trim kits

Looking for a convenient way to finish off the front of your bar? Why not consider using our bar front fluted columns and bar front trim kits? The team at Hardwoods Incorporated has over 40 years’ experience in actually building home and commercial bars. We’ve worked through many complicated installations and obstacles. When you are ready to get started, visit our website, call us, or email us your questions or rough sketch and we will help you select the right parts to build your bar or provide a quote to make it for you.

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

The Hardwoods Incorporated team

Stocking Your Home Bar for Entertaining

Building a Home Bar - Stocking Home Bar for Entertainment

Having a home bar is a huge perk in and of itself. By adding this space to your home, you’ve created an instant conversation starter, hangout spot, and party center all in one! Or, you’ve at least created the beginnings of one. After all, what’s the use of a home bar if it isn’t well-stocked?

Now that you have the bar, the stools, and the cabinets, it’s time to prepare to put them to use! Here are some things you need to stock your home bar for entertaining any and all future guests:


An Assortment of Glasses

When it comes to home bars, variety is the spice of life. You could very easily get away with keeping identical traditional drinking glasses at your bar and your friends and neighbors probably wouldn’t bat an eye.

That being said, you put the work into installing your home bar. You chose the wood, the finish, and the color, putting it all together to make it as nice and unique as the rest of your home décor. It only makes sense to go the extra mile and make sure your glassware matches the impressive look of your bar.

There are a variety of different glasses out there, each specifically designed for different drinks, including the short, stout rocks glasses and the taller, thinner highball glass. You can add as much variety as you personally want, but there are a few basics that stand out: chunky beer mugs, smaller shot glasses, and the vintage martini glass being chief among them.


Martini Shakers & Strainers

Speaking of martinis, these are the sorts of drinks that separate the home bar owners from the home bar experts. There’s a touch of class that’s instantly added to a party or event in which martinis are involved. If that’s the vibe you know you’ll want to go for someday, then you’ll want to invest in some shakers and strainers.


The Alcohol (& Their Mixers)

Now let’s talk about the stars of every home bar: the drinks themselves!

What makes a home bar so excellent for hosting parties of any sort is the fact that you’re only limited to the drinks you want to serve. Sure, you could have a few bottles of beer in the fridge and a wine rack along the back wall, but it’s your bar! What kind of drinks do you want to mix?

Whether you’re a cosmopolitan or a whiskey on the rocks kind of individual, there are a few basic liquors that every home bar owner should keep on hand for a party:

Vodka is probably the best liquor to use when mixing drinks due to its lack of a strong taste and color. A lot of the most popular mixed drinks – from Bloody Marys to screwdrivers – are made with vodka, making it an essential ingredient.

Whiskey is as American as apple pie and picket fences, and you no doubt have at least a handful of friends who prefer these sorts of drinks on the rocks. Bourbon and Scotch are the two most popular whiskeys, and they both make for strong, nostalgic drinks.

Gin is the backbone of every good cocktail, so if you plan on putting those cocktail glasses to good use, best keep a large variety of this stuff on hand. If your party is being held in the late spring or summer months, tequila is an absolute must-have. Round out your home bar menu with some choice rum, which is best used for punch or stronger cocktails.


A Guidebook (or Two)

All of that alcohol will only do you so much good if you don’t know how to mix it into delicious drinks! There’s absolutely no shame in having a recipe book under your bar to help you out on intricate mixes. Keep one or two of them handy; this way, your guests won’t just be impressed by your beautiful home bar, but your bartending skills, as well!


Need Help Building a Bar? Call Hardwoods Inc.!

What good are all of these bar essentials without an awesome home bar to use them all? At Hardwoods Inc., we craft exceptional hardwood bar rails, bar top kits, and other bar parts to turn your extra space into the hangout of your dreams. Check out our online store!

Bar front Panel Moldings by Hardwoods Incorporated

Coming soon to the Hardwoods Incorporated bar front parts store; Bar front panel moldings in poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany and walnut ready for prompt shipment nationwide. We also provide custom milling of our bar front panel moldings in a variety of other wood species upon request.Bar front panel molding 1This side profile shows the notch which is 1/4″ x 3/4″ designed to cover our bar front trim planks and standard plywood thicknesses available in 8′ lengths.Bar front panel molding 2When you combine bar front panel moldings with our fluted columns and bar front trim kits you can create a nice deep recessed panel bar front that is perfect for both home bar and commercial bar applications. For more information on these panel moldings and all of our bar building products and resources checkout our website or call us 1-844-BAR-RAIL

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated your one stop bar building shop.

3 Things to Consider When Planning Your Basement Bar

Building a Home Bar - Hardwoods Inc

You’re ready to get started building that home bar you’ve always dreamed of, and have decided your basement is the perfect location. Basement bars are great – We’ve seen tons of amazing basement bar spaces!

Before you get started, you have lots of planning to do to make your home bar the talk of the neighborhood. Here are 3 major things to consider when planning your basement bar:

Location Matters

Chances are you’ve already got that ideal spot in your basement picked out. But will that spot be an ideal location for everything you need to build your bar? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when finalizing your basement bar’s location:


  • Level floor: Basements are notorious for having uneven floors. You wouldn’t want to have to build a sturdy, solid bar over warped or bumpy flooring, which can cause extra construction complications or cause your finished product to not look as polished as you’d like.
  • Proximity to utilities: With your bar, you’re likely going to want electricity to run blenders or other small appliances, or plumbing for a sink, or maybe both. Running electricity across the room isn’t nearly as expensive a project as relocating plumbing, so either reconsider your bar’s location or the amenities you want to include.
  • Space: Depending on the design and goals for your bar, you could need a fair amount of space. If you have grand designs of hosting your friends for game day, but are short on space, you may need to re-think your design or the location.

Keep It Dry

A common problem in basement construction – bars or otherwise – is running into moisture issues. Whether you have just a little dampness, some mold and musty smells, or you get full-on flooding when it rains, water and basement bars don’t mix.

Before moving forward with construction on your bar, get any underlying moisture or flooding issues dealt with, at the very least in the area where you’ll build your bar. It would be a shame to spend all that time and money on a gorgeous hardwood bar, only to have it develop moisture damage or rot because of the conditions in the basement. If necessary, install a basement de-watering system to help keep things dry.

Make It Cozy

Sometimes, basements can be cold, sparse, and uncomfortable. Think of how unpleasant it is to stand on that concrete floor for a long time!

One of the keys to creating a welcoming environment for your guests, one where they want to stay and hang out for a while, is adding some elements of comfort to the area surrounding your bar. Consider adding carpeting or, if that’s not possible, some large area rugs to make the floor feel less hard. Buy padded stools and comfy couches or armchairs to encourage your guests to lounge and enjoy a game or just some great conversation. If you’ve got space, add in a pool table, dart boards, or other fun games. The more welcoming your home bar, the less likely your friends are to go somewhere else to hang out!


Exceptional Hardwood Bar Building Supplies

At Hardwoods Inc., we have made it our mission to help our customers get the basement bars of their dreams. That’s why, in addition to providing high-quality hardwood bar rails, bar tops, and other bar building supplies, we provide a collection of helpful bar-building resources. And, if you can’t find the answer to your question there, just reach out and one of our bar-building experts will help!