How Much Bar Rail Do I Need?

Not sure how much bar rail molding and parts to order? Don’t see the wood specie or lengths required to complete your home or commercial bar top? Please Contact Us by phone, 1-844-BAR-RAIL, or by email. Our staff is eager and ready to answer pre-order questions and make recommendations for your specific bar project. You may also send us a rough sketch, finished drawing or picture of the bar you want to build and we will respond with our suggestions on the best methods, bar building materials and shipping options to achieve your goal.

At Hardwoods Incorporated we stock a large selection of bar building materials, we offer options for custom fabricated bar parts and provide technical support after the sale as well. If you are unfamiliar with construction or woodworking terminology or are just unsure how to get started please contact us, we welcome the opportunity to help the novice as well as the accomplished residential or commercial builder. We will make you feel right at home. For more information on building a bar, check out our bar building resources page to view tutorials and videos to help you get started building your home or commercial bar.

Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.


Antique Football : Thanks to Hardwoods Incorporated for manufacturing the materials that made this dream man cave a reality!

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  1. James Patton says:

    On the YouTube video for installing the bar rail, how do you make the spoil board, what are the dimensions? Also, what is the recommended number of teeth on the saw blade you’re using?

    Thanks in advance, in the final planning stages and finishing up the bar top here soon and preparing myself for the br475 purchase.


    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Jim,

      The spoil board suggested in the video is 1″ x 2″ actual size. A good 80 tooth or better combination blade is suggested as well. Safety first, always wear safety glass and secure the work piece.

      Thank you,

  2. RON WINTER says:

    We are building an “L”-shaped basement bar. We have a CAD drawing if needed. The the bar side lengths are 4’6″ and 6’10”. We plan on ordering the 21″ BR 475-S Top Kit(s) with matching front Trim Bar Kit(s). Also 12″ corners for bar top and fluted columns for bar front.

    Which of your readily available woods do you recommend for the rich, deepest color wow factor?

    Before I get into too much trouble, what advice can you give us?
    Ph# is 616 502-7604.
    Do we need a sample kit? If so, cost?

  3. Cherie Felty says:

    Hi, I need the glass rack molding in walnut in approximately 5.75”. Can you cut that length? I can buy the 2’ pieces and cut myself, but if you can it would be a lot easier. I need 4 center and 4 ends, so one 2’ piece of each would do it. I have a bar back with mirror from American Heritage, but they have gone out of business. Just trying to add additional storage as it only hold one glass per slot….so 6 glasses. Thanks

  4. Tony says:

    I purchased walnut rails from you guys, the 475 version and it is going to look great. Still working on it but coming along really good. I see these bar side and am interested. I have nothing for that side yet but interested highly. If you you could inform me more about it, that would be great. Thanks again for the rails.

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Tony,

      Glad you liked the walnut bar rails. I will contact you directly in regard to your question.

      Thank you for choosing Hardwoods Incorporated.

  5. tpacosian says:

    Excellent product and our bar, after some hard work turned out great! Thanks guys for the quality wood products to help us turn our basement bar into a grand basement piece!

  6. John Holland says:

    Can you provide the 450 bar rail in either Poplar, or Red Oak, in 5ft lengths? I need a 6 ft and a 5 ft.

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Sure we can provide the bar rail rail in any length you want. I will contact you directly by email. Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated!

  7. Jim Mager says:

    Received my samples on Friday and have been having fun trying to figure out the correct look.

    Did I read correctly that ya’ll will do the 45 cuts too? I’m lacking in the ability to do those correctly! LOL!

    Please contact me with more information, hoping it’s that easy! 🙂

    BTW the sample pack is a great idea. I saw where I made my mistakes on the bar top….fixed them…now ready to order.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from ya’ll!

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi Jim, happy you liked the bar rail sample pack. I will contact you directly by email to answer you questions.
      Thank you for choosing Hardwoods Incorporated.

  8. James says:

    I have a 8.5’ by 5 ‘ bar. I think the 6’ and 9’ BR475 would work. Question though on the corner, what is difference of the 6” and 12”? Id like these in oak.


    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi James, The 6″ radius makes a tighter corner than the 12″ but given the size of your bar either one would work. I will contact you directly by email with more information. Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

  9. Joe Jakubowicz says:

    Can I get BR 158 bar rail in 10 ft length red oak& price?

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi Joe,
      It is possible. I will contact you directly by email.
      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

  10. Steve Jackson says:

    Do you make any of your bar rail using Hickory? I’M interested in the BR-475 rail. I would also like 90 degree corners.

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Steve,
      Yes we make the BR475 Bar rail molding and matching radius corners in hickory, to see our offerings just visit the BR475 pages on our site for prices and availability. I will also respond to your email address directly.
      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

  11. David Armes says:

    I am installing bar rails on the top of my bar. I will need One straight 6′-4″, one 4’3″ and one 3′-4″. Also I need two 45 degree bend pieces all in oak. I saw the straight pieces but did not see the 45 degree bend pieces. Do yo make them in a 45 degree bend. I would like the 475S Bar Rails.

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi David, We do have everything needed to do your job. I will contact you directly with all the details. Thank you Paul.

  12. Jesse Vanderski says:

    Hi I was wondering how wide the wine glass slides are the middle and the edges

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Jesse,

      The centers measure 3″ wide and the ends are 1-7/8″ wide.

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

  13. Frank Sirianni says:

    I am constructing a home bar with a top of 4ft wide by 21ins deep can I get what I need with the width plus 2 sides at 90Degrees out of an 8FT length of BR158 ? I figured it is going to be real close

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Regarding your question about the bar rail molding I believe it would be difficult to get all the lengths required to cover the 4′ and (2) 21″ sections of bar top edge due to how the cuts elongate the required lengths. I will email you more information directly. Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

  14. Chris says:

    My bar is 10.5ft (125in) long and 1.5ft wide with a 90 degree angle. Are you able to produce a custom length? Or what combination of lengths do you recommend?

    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Chris,
      I would suggest 1 @ 12′ and 1 @ 2′ to allow for the miter cuts. I would be happy to assist you further by phone if you like.
      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.
      Paul M. 301-665-9505

  15. Matt says:


    Question on what length(s) to buy.

    front base = 5′ wide
    sides base = 2′ wide

    One @ 6′ and two more @ 3′?


    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi Matt, Thanks for your question. Based on the dimensions you provided and considering the proper bar top overhang, I would suggest purchasing 1 bar rail 7′ for the front and 2 bar rails 3′ for the sides which will include the miters. Let me know if I can be of further help.

      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.

  16. Paul says:


    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hello Paul,

      Yes we can make the BR450 Bar rail molding 10′ long in any wood type. We currently have red oak and maple 10′ in stock. Give us a call for further details. 1-844-BAR-RAIL

      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated.


  17. Steve Walker says:

    Hello, I am constructing a bar like the white bar at the end of your resources gallery. it is 8 feet long. I will need two 90 Deg columns & one flat column. but unsure about the rest of materials. will I have room for four panels like pictured? thank you.


    • saleshardwoods says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your comment. I will be happy to help you out and will be in contact directly by email.

      Thank you for considering Hardwoods Incorporated


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