Cool and unusual home bars

Custom Craftsman Home Bar.

Check out this cool and unusual home bar custom crafted by Dave in Florida using his old truck bed, hardwood flooring and our BR450 Chicago style bar rail molding.


I cut the bed off just before the tow truck hauled it away.

It was too big for my space, so I shortened it in the middle and in the front for a total of 12 inches. Welded it back together and painted it red. Flooring in an office that was being demolished was repurposed as the bar top.

Framing up the bar with scrap wood from our new house construction. A local craftsman, Geppetto, showed me how to make a pocket joint with a Kreg tool and we glued, screwed, and clamped the BR450 bar rail to the plywood base of the flooring material.

My wife mixed two colors of stain to get it to resemble the color of the oak flooring. We feel they complement each other and think it turned out great.

Since this is in the corner of my shop, I decided to go with the Craftsman theme and dolled up the bar like a race truck from the Craftsmen Truck Series. Tire is from one of Dale Jr’s. race cars. Dolled up the fridge to look like a craftsman toolbox. Kegerator hidden under the bar but remounted the tower on top of the bar.
The rail was up to the standards we were hoping for. Very pleased with the product and have had numerous compliments on how it makes the bar look like it was professionally built.

Dave the Bartender
Sopchoppy, FL

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  1. Dave Earle says:

    I think the bar rail molding takes an average looking homemade bar to a whole new level. We have had many, many comments on how our garage bar looks like it should be in a commercial Sports Bar.
    Thanks Hardwoods Inc. Dave the Bartender

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The entire process was smooth and professional. We love our new basement bar. All of the pieces were custom made for our contractor to assemble and finish.. The red oak looks incredible. I highly recommend Hardwoods Incorporated.

Kurt P. – Freehold, New Jersey


BR475 Bar rail, bar top kits, fluted columns and trims.

Purchased the Walnut 475 rail. Was a little nervous because I needed a 12’ piece and it was going to be cut in half to allow for shipping. It came already cut for biscuit joint and with very little sanding it fit perfectly. Have to really look hard to see the joint and rail looks awesome.

Greg M. Rockwood Tennessee


BR 475 Walnut bar rail molding