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6 Storage Solutions for Your Home Bar

Creating Bar Storage

Your home bar is supposed to be a place where you can relax and entertain your friends. You all share a few drinks, some stories, and maybe watch the game on TV.

But there’s one thing that’s standing between you and that relaxing home bar: You don’t know where to store everything.

From wine bottles to highball glasses, martini shakers to beer mugs, you’re having a difficult time putting everything in its place. 

Whether you’re battling small space issues or organizational paralysis, here are 6 great storage solutions for your home bar:

Minimalist Wine Rack

Unless you’re a big wine drinker, having a wine rack built into the underside of your bar is a big waste of valuable space.

Instead, consider adding a small wine rack to the wall. It will hold just a few bottles of your favorite wine and makes a great decoration if you arrange it so the labels face out.

Your wines will always be close at hand for quick and easy selection.

Pull-out Cabinets

Cabinets on the floor can provide a ton of space, but getting to whatever’s shoved in the back is a challenge.

Instead of keeping the stationary shelves, install some pull-out shelves for easy access to your appliances, liquors, and other items. This minimizes bending and reduces the risk that you’ll find an expired bottle of grenadine hiding in the back three years from now.

Floor-level cabinets are great for storing lesser-used or large appliances such as blenders. 

They’re still close at hand and accessible without taking up valuable space in other cabinets or on the counter.

Stylish Wall Shelves

Rather than hiding your glasses and gorgeous liquor bottles away behind cabinet doors, consider using the wall behind your bar as an open display.

Install well-made, stylish wall shelving that coordinates with your bar. Use the space to add your glasses and liquor bottles in a pleasing display for some visual interest and easy access.

Adding under-shelf lighting gives an extra level of ambiance and sparkle to your glassware, too.

Mini Fridge

It can be tempting to want to shove everything you’ll need in your home bar into a large refrigerator. But that adds an extra appliance that uses extra floor space, and refrigerators aren’t exactly attractive appliances.

Instead, pare down what you plan to store in your refrigerator at any given time and install an under-bar mini fridge. 

These small appliances are great for a few cans of beer, an open bottle of wine, and some mixers. Everything else can be stored elsewhere and the fridge can be restocked if you need it.

Open Cubes

Do you like the idea of open shelving but worry about things falling over?

Make use of open cube shelving instead!

The cubes are great for keeping like items separated while not feeling closed-off like traditional cabinets would.

You can even customize cube shelving to meet your needs, with smaller cubes for glasses and larger ones for wine or liquor bottles.

Adding some accent lighting can lighten things up a bit and give you an extra bit of glam.

Add a Cart

Who says you have to store everything right in your bar area?

If you’ve got appliances, bottles, or other items that just don’t fit in your bar area, consider storing them on a rolling cart.

The cart can be rolled in when you need it, and tucked away in a closet or spare room when you don’t.

This is a great way to add a little extra storage without adding to your bar area itself.

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