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4 Tips for Small-Space Bar-Building

Small Bar Building

You would love to build a bar in your home, but you’re short on space.

Whether you’re living in a condo or you’re squished in somewhere so space is at a premium, you may feel that you’re just living an impossible dream.

However, with a little creativity and some careful planning, you can have the bar of your dreams in your small space!

Here are 4 tips for building a bar in a small space:

Think up, Not out

When you’re lacking in horizontal space, you have to get creative.

That may mean that your bar and its components reach up to the ceiling, utilizing wall space and high shelving.

Rather than storing your liquors and glasses in low cabinets, add shelving or hung cabinets to handle what you need to entertain guests.

Go Inside

Why not look at a built-in bar? 

Built-ins are hot right now, and adding a little extra feature with a bar can help boost the resale value of your home in the future.

In the area where you want to build your bar, find two wall studs. You’ll remove the drywall between these two studs and build your bar in the carved-out space. 

You may want to have a contractor help you with the excavation portion of the project.

This option gives you a great bar in a small space without sacrificing any floor space.

Go Bare Bones

When you’re short on space, you can’t have it all.

That means you need to really make some decisions about what you absolutely need to have in your bar in order to use it.

Do you really need all those martini glasses at hand if you’re only serving martinis a couple times a year? If you don’t entertain much, are 12 wine glasses really necessary?

Sit down and think about your daily bar use habits. 

Maybe that means you only need a couple of wine glasses, some mixing tools, a couple liquors, and some glasses. Everything else can be stored away and brought out when you’re anticipating visitors.

Think Open

Heavy wooden cabinet doors give weight to a room, something that can be overwhelming in small spaces.

Instead of closing off all your liquors and glasses, try open shelving units or doorless cabinets.

You’ll get a little extra visual space which will prevent your bar from feeling too heavy and large, especially if you’re building it in a small room.

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At Hardwoods Incorporated, we want to make sure you get the custom bar you’ve always wanted, no matter its size. We produce exceptional-quality hardwood bar rails, bar tops, and other bar parts to give you the bar of your dreams. 

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