BR 475 Bar Rail

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8' 10"
10' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
12' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
15' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
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BR475 Chicago Bar Rail

The true Chicago bar rail – Perfect for all your bar projects!

The BR475 Chicago bar rail comes in poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, or white oak and measures 4-⅝” wide. Available in lengths from 2’ to 15’, it comes with a simple notched profile to fit easily onto any bar top.

Perfect for both beginner DIYers and experienced professional installers, the BR475 offers that classic finish customers have come to expect from Hardwoods Incorporated.

Our 8’10” bar rail molding ships in one 106”-long piece via UPS, with affordable shipping rates nationwide.


Please Note: All 10’, 12’, and 15’ bar rail lengths ordered online are shipped cut in half from a single piece of wood, biscuit-jointed, and ready for reassembly with a near seamless grain match. This allows us to provide more affordable shipping through UPS. We do offer 10’, 12’, and 15’ bar rails shipped uncut via LTL freight. Please call (301) 665-9505 for a quote.

For our customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and internationally: Please use our online quote request.

287 reviews for BR 475 Bar Rail

  1. Robert J. Bennett

    Delivery was fast. Bar rail and radius corners were a good fit and should finish well. Cost of radius corners was awfully high compared to the straight rail.

  2. Pat Shiflet

    This was my first time purchase from Hardwoods, Inc and I was very impressed! With Walnut you never know what color you might get but the grain/color was outstanding. Very impressed with the way they package the rail for shipping! Definately know where the next bar rail is coming from when a customer requests it!

  3. Luke Tappe

    I only have the pieces cut, but so far everything has lined up perfectly with the dimensions provided on the cut-sheet.

    I will provide pictures when the bar is completed.


  4. Michael mc Dermott

    I am really happy with the way the bar turned out.i ordered the rail and it arrived 3 days later.great service and couldn’t be happier.

  5. Jerry R

    Perfect ☺

  6. John Gambino

    When planning on building a restaurant. I went to a lot of local mills for the product i wanted. Hardwoods had the best selection of Mahogany. The bar looks awsome.

  7. Joe Camill

    I’m so glad I went with the 475 bar rail. The mahogany
    Grain on the main 12′ run is so stunning. The first thing people notice is the rail,they just run there hands across and can’t believe how beautiful it is.

  8. Gordon Milligan

    I have built two bars and for each I used th BR 475 bar rail and radius corner in red oak and have been completely satisfied with the product and service each time. The shipping is fast and product very secure to prevent damage and they provide a lot of videos and instruction on how to install the bar rail. I wished all business operated the way Hardwood Inc. does business.

  9. Dave W

    The accuracy of the routing allowed the two 90-degree and 2-45 degree turns of my bar fit together like a professional. Also, the information about offsets of the bar top were right on the money allowing everything to form a strong and long lasting bond. My bar has been finished for almost 2 years and I can detect no shifted or warping at all.

  10. Jay Young

    These guys rock! Of course I screwed up a cut, and whammo, Paul shipped me a new order ASAP!

    5 stars

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Great craftsmanship, quick service and excellent online instructions – thanksJeff R.Jeff R. Elgin IL


Thanks for the great products and quick service!

The ordering process was easy. The bar rail product was excellent. I ordered the biscuit joint 10 foot rail (BR-475). I found that cutting the mitered corner was more challenging than I anticipated, but the end result was incredible. There are a lot of bar finishing options out there but I wanted something to put it over the top and really make the bar feel like a bar. This definitely was it.

Damien C. – Hobart, Indiana

05/20/19Damien C 2