BR475 Oak Bar Rail & Radius Corner

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I ordered several bar rails and radius corners which arrived promptly, professionally packed and in perfect condition in a time of “supply chain” pain.

Everyone has said nothing but how great this all looks put together.  This was the first time I tackled something like this, and I think it turned out great.

David G. – Ridgeville, Ohio



BR475 Oak Bar Rail & Radius Corner
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The maple bar rail was perfect, very straight with no sapwood or burnished areas. I was able to use every inch of the nosing having no milling marks anywhere. Here are a couple pics that you may use to show the size and quality. Bar size is 20” wide with 48” to 54” sections.Scott Keegan 3Scott K. – Glastonbury CT


Thank you for getting my order out quickly.

I used the Chicago bar rail in Cherry wood. Very pleased with the quality of the product and it finished exceptionally.

Joe G. – Jarrettsville, Maryland


BR475 Cherry Chicago Bar Rail