BR475 Oak Bar Rail Molding Closeout Special

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This was our first bar, built inside our pool house. These rails look great. After staining I couldn’t see anything wrong that would make them clearance types. Plus I used the two 3/4″ oak stock sent with the rails to trim the inside of my 3/4″ plywood beer gutter.

Don F. – Juliette, Georgia


BR475 Oak Bar Rail Molding Closeout Special
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Arrived quickly, very well packaged and it’s an amazing product. Beautiful wood, perfectly cut so it’s ready to finish and then to add to your project. I have ordered twice from this company already.

Katherine C. – Nassau, New York


Mahogany Bar Front Fluted Columns.

I received the bar moulding and bar top without any issue. I must say the entire process was great and it arrived much quicker than I had thought so thanks for the excellent customer service.

Dean S.Halls Head - Western Australia