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About Hardwood Bar Rails

Bar rail isn’t just for pub owners. It is widely used to decorate personal bars in home entertainment areas. We provide hardwood bar rail and trim that will really punch-up your home bar. Of course, we also sell bar rail to national chains, restaurants, pubs and night clubs.

How to Install Bar Rail Molding

Bar rail is a decorative hardwood edging that borders your bar top. Customers or guests lean up against it and it provides comfort and beauty to any bar. Bar rails typically are cut with smooth, rounded edges that slope downwards. We cut our bar rail to fit easily on to any bar top. This makes applying it to your project fairly simple.

Bar Rail Straights

Solid wood bar rail molding is used to create an arm rest on the edge of a bar, service, sales or pass-through counter. It creates a finished perimeter, conforming hard corners into comfortable edges and keeping glasses and other small objects from sliding off.

Quality bar rail should have a simple notched-out profile making it easy to install and with lasting stability. Our solid wood bar rail is milled from a single piece of prime grade hardwood lumber. On top of a cohesive uniform appearance, this provides lasting durability and strength.

Depending on your project, different types of bar rail will suite best. For instance, if you are building an outdoor bar, consider using a more weather resistant hardwood such as teak or mahogany. If design is a higher priority, we have bar rails ranging from red oak, cherry, hard maple, black walnut, and poplar as well as other rare species.

Radius & Curved Bar Rail Corners

We don’t cut corners either! Check out our selection of radius bar rail corners and curved bar rails to navigate those tricky ends. These provide safer corners and a more attractive rounded look to your bar rail. Nothing else will give your counter-top a quality custom appearance without the exorbitant cost!

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