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The Original Chicago Bar Rails

The Roaring 20’s may be over, with flapper dresses and the Charleston way out of style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the Speakeasy look for your custom bar project.

At Hardwoods Incorporated, we carry the original Chicago bar rails, ready to give your home or commercial bar the look and feel of a hopping underground Speakeasy.

Our easy-to-install bar rails come in a variety of lengths and wood species to meet all your needs. Just measure, cut, fit, install, and stain for the gorgeous custom bar you’ve always dreamed of.

What Makes a Bar Rail a “Chicago Bar Rail?”

There are a lot of sellers of bar rails out there today, many of them touting that they offer “Chicago bar rail.”

But true Chicago bar rail is thicker and more sturdy than many of these other types, and it includes a curved apron built to last through years of underground use. 

This curved apron became a favorite location for neon accent lighting or purse hooks to make drinking more convenient for the ladies.

Not only that, but Chicago bar rail molding nearly always included curved radius corners, maintaining the smooth, clean lines of the Art Deco style. It’s rare to see sharp, mitered corners on true Chicago bar rail.

Want to learn more about Chicago bar rails? Click here!

What Makes Hardwoods Incorporated’s Bar Rails Different?

At Hardwoods Incorporated, we’ve spent decades producing the true Chicago bar rail profile. We’ve kept our design as close to the original as possible, giving your bar an authentic look whether it was built in 1920 or 2020.

Each bar rail is crafted from hand-selected, high-quality hardwoods at our facility in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region.

We offer a level of customer support you won’t find anywhere else.

From helping you choose the right style, species, and length of bar rail to handling shipping questions, from providing high-quality resources on constructing your own bar to troubleshooting your difficulties over the phone, our team has the experience and knowledge you need to build the best bar.

All Your Bar-Building Needs Under One Roof

No matter how big or how small your bar-building dreams, Hardwoods Incorporated can help them come true!

If you need any assistance finding the right product for you, have questions about design, or are running into a problem with installation, we can help. Fill out our Contact form, email us at info@hardwoodsincorporated.com, or call us at (301) 665-9505 or (240) 285-0565.

Thank you for choosing Hardwoods Incorporated.

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