Bar Rail Molding Profiles


Radius Corners

In the diagrams below:

  • “A” represents the first top notch of the bar rail and the radius at which to cut your main bar top layer.
  • “B” represents the second bottom notch of the bar rail and the radius at which to cut your sub-top layer.
  • “C” represents the radius at the outside of your bar rail molding.

The rail and corners arrived far sooner than I expected so I haven’t installed it yet, but they arrived in perfect condition and are exactly what I wanted for my bar.

H. C. – Elizabeth Colorado


BR 158 Alder bar rail molding and matching radius corner.

I finally finished the bar. The wood was perfect and we are very pleased with the results. We are really glad we went with wood vs granite for the bar top. Your tips on joining the boards and cutting the miter joint were very helpful. I did a few test runs and it turned out well. I ended up staining it with an oil based stain (mixed mahogany and walnut) and then finished it with multiple coats of waterlox. I still have a few details to finish (foot rail, etc) but I’ve attached a few photos of the finished bar top as promised. Thanks for your help!

Dave FulhamDecember 30, 2014