Bar top kits & bar rail moldings.

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Great product, great customer service…bar looks amazing love this company…

William B. – Apopka, Florida


Bar top kits & bar rail moldings.
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Sample pack allowed us to make the right decision for the finished product we are looking for. We decided on 475 3cm and project is in process. Very happy with the bar rail products

Rick E. – Gulf Shores, Alabama


Bar Rail Sample Pack & BR475-3CM Bar Rail Molding

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your assistance.  I finally completed my bar project. Here is a testimonial and picture for your website.

I’m glad I chose Hardwoods Incorporated for my home bar project.  I chose the red oak bar rail, radius corner, and drip edge.  Everything was in excellent condition, great quality, and packaged well.  The videos and directions were well explained and easy to follow.  I would recommend this company to anyone.

Thanks again.

Mark L.  Hillsborough, NJ


Oak Chicago Bar Rail Molding BR475