BR 550 Bar Rail

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8' 10"
10' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
12' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
15' Cut And Bisquet Jointed
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BR 550 Chicago Bar Rail

Gentle sloping profile makes a great addition to your bar!

Want a gorgeous way to finish your bar without a deep slope? The BR550 is the perfect bar rail for you!

It comes in poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and white oak, and measures 5 ⅝” wide. The BR550 is available in lengths from 2’ to 15’ long to suit any bar project. 

All our bar rails are cut with a simple notched profile to make them easy to apply to your bar. The bottom notch on the BR550 is made at ⅜” deep due to machining considerations. When using the recommended ¾” thick plywood subtop, it will protrude out of the bottom notch; however, this does not affect the integrity of the installation, nor will it be visible as the bar rail continues on its downward angle.

We recommend lightly sanding the bottom corner edge of the plywood subtop prior to installing the BR550 bar rail.

Our 8’10” bar rail molding ships in one 106”-long piece via UPS, with affordable shipping rates nationwide.


Please Note: All 10’, 12’, and 15’ bar rail lengths ordered online are shipped cut in half from a single piece of wood, biscuit-jointed, and ready for reassembly with a near seamless grain match. This allows us to provide more affordable shipping through UPS. We do offer 10’, 12’, and 15’ bar rails shipped uncut via LTL freight. Please call (301) 665-9505 for a quote.

For our customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and internationally: Please use our online quote request.

23 reviews for BR 550 Bar Rail

  1. Tim P

    Surprisingly fast shipping and arrived in great condition. Ordered 44 linear feet and not one knick or dent. Extremely pleased

  2. Emiko Schwegel

    Great Products!

  3. Mike Waibel

    The bar rail is of great quality. I had a 90-degree and 2, 45-degree miters to make and it worked great. The service was excellent. I picked up the first batch and it was all packed up securely. When I decided to wrap the end of my bar with the 550 rail, I ordered an additional 2-foot section and it was delivered the next day. I’m very pleased.

  4. Duke

    The BR550 looks amazing and is easy to install. Very high quality and is finely cut. I also got the curved version for the corner. It is the perfect size, larger then the 475 and is very comfortable to rest your elbows on it while enjoying a drink. Thanks to Paul & company for the fine craftsmanship

  5. Helen Chinkuli

    My client was more than ecstatic with how his dry bar turned out. He has been wanting a bar in over 10 years and finally got it done. This product exceeded the expectation and installation went smoothly.

  6. Chuck Cermak

    Hi Paul
    Thank for your excellent product. You did everything you said you would do. My bar rail came in when on time and it was packed so well. There was no blemishes on the rail. After cutting the 90 degree your length that you sent me was so perfect that I had 4 inches left over. No waste. After installing the rail I sanded the rail down as per your instructions said on the printed paper. After that I followed the instructions for staining the rail. It came out beautiful. After the stain was dry I sprayed polyurethane and wet sanded each coat. After 4 coats it was like glass. The feel of that rail was perfect and beautiful. The bar rail is 14 feet long and seriously you have to look for the mend where you had to cut it due to shipping the biscuit that you sent with the rail fitted that well. I wish I could send you the step by step pictures to prove your product of quality of wood is that awesome. I have had so many people commenting on that bar rail. You have to see it and feel it. WOW.
    Thank you for your services.

  7. Mary Jones

    Excellent product, excellent customer service

  8. Jaymie L Brain

    I was very nervous about installing the bar rail because let’s be honest, this is a very expensive piece of wood to mess up the cuts on. Luckily, I had some extra length so I was able to practice the cuts and was able to make sure my corner would line up. The biscuit joint that came pre cut fit beautifully. The videos that are posted on this site were a big help in figuring out how to do the cuts and the install. The bar rail was incredibly easy to install (I was about to do it by myself, even with an 8′ length for a 12′ long bar top). Excellent quality, great packaging, excellent customer service.

  9. Johnnie Adams

    Very satisfied, looks great, putting radius in sub plate wasn’t hard at all, rail and radius corner fit great!

  10. Mark Murray

    Great product. superior quality!

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Adding BR550 Bar Rail to our Bar Top Kit

BR550 on 16″ Bar Top Kit

BR550 on 16″ Bar Top Kit with Glass Rail

BR550 on 21″ Bar Top Kit

BR550 on 21″ Bar Top Kit with Glass Rail

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Product was great and so was the service!

Chris F. Rockvale, Tennessee



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Thanks for the rails. They’re awesome!  Gary P 1Gary P. – Whitesboro NY