22. What is a spoil board and what size spoil board do I need?

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A spoil board is a piece of wood used under the bar rail molding to help hold it in place when cutting or mitering as shown on the bar rail installation video. Each of our bar rail moldings require a different size spoil board size as listed on the chart below. Safety first, always wear eye protection and use clamps or fixtures to hold the molding securely in place when cutting. Unsure? Contact us before you cut.

H dimension sets vertical against the miter box fence D = Depth

BR158 – H = 1-5/8” x D = 1”
BR350 – H = 1-5/8” x D = 2-1/8”
BR450 – H = ¾” x D = 1-3/4”
BR475 – H = 2” x D = 1” *Actual dimensions
BR475-3CM – H = 2-3/8” x D = 1”
BR475-S – H = 1-7/8” x D = 1” * NOTE: The BR475-S bar rail molding ships in two pieces unassembled, the bar rail portion is to be cut and installed first and the apron last.
BR550 – H = 1-7/8” x D – 1-1/4”
BR650 – H = 2-1/8” x D – 1-1/4”


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Fit perfectly. Fast delivery. Very pleased.

Dan W. – Lapeer, Michigan


Cherry Bar Rail Molding BR450

Very happy with the bar rail. It arrived in great condition and was easy to attach. I had reached out with some questions when deciding which lengths to order and Paul was quick to respond with the help I needed. I’m very much a beginner to woodworking/construction but with the resources from Hardwoods Incorporated-specifically the videos, I found it easy to install the bar rail and radius corners. The products definitely elevated the design of my bar project. I highly recommend the bar rail and radius corners.

Ashlee D. – Factoryville, Pennsylvania


BR475 Knotty Pine Chicago Bar Rail & Radius Corners